And yes! It’s true HAUTE DOGS by MAC! I don’t know why but i found this NEW Line Fantastic! Full of earthy natural colors and glossy effects…Nude is back for about a year now but MAC took nude shades to another level with HAUTE DOGS. What’s nice about this Line is that you can create both Day time and Evening Looks by looking natural and stunning at the same time. The Line is inspired by the Canise Dog and that is why we find Fur Tones and rich golds. The Line consists of Fab Bronzers, lovely mineralize lipsticks, Veluxe Brow Liners, Lip Pencils and my all time favorite Fluidlines! Just check them out: (more…)

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image1Oh! yes! May Glowbox came in my hands!!!!My curiosity hits mars every time i get this fab box at my doorstep! Glowbox is a monthly beauty box with all that you need in travel size and some in full size. Every month it comes as a suprise with 5 lovely products. I really don’t know but they always manage to  have the “most wanted” brands, those that you see at net a porter and wonder when am i gonna try that? Not only they have the best brands but also they are paraben and chemical free! Something that is really important to me! After having tried it…its time to write about all these lovely products by Fresh Line…

1. Mojito Shower Gelimage2

Fab name and design but most of all i think that a shower gel like this can be made only by a greek brand and be so lovely! Made great foam and left my skin soft and hydrated! Its scent is really fresh and so summery, no doubt its the ultimate summer shower gel! I’m sure your boyfriend will be either stealing it from you or also buying one for himself!! (more…)


IMG_2128bEvery morning i wake up with the same feeling. Oh! i wish i could sleep more, specially today where snow is all over the place! When you are working this is a luxury you miss. On the other hand it gives you the drive to get up groom yourself and try to look happy and prettier than ever! Pretty in the morning? OK, you need to try hard for that, specially if you ‘ve slept late last night, but there is a chance as long as you follow some basic steps. And, No, make up, isn’t the basis for looking pretty and fresh! Make up just helps you emphasize your beauty! So get up wash your face and follow the following simple but vital steps…

IMG_2125bBrush your teeth! is it soooooo important? Everybody does that! So what if i don’t do that once in a while? Bad news for you then…White teeth is number ONE rule for looking healthy, and healthy is pretty! Pick a good toothpaste like Marvis…I love Marvis I’m probably in love with this toothpaste! Once you go Marvis you can’t go back! It’s addictive you just want to brush your teeth EVERYWHERE!!!!! I got Cinnamon flavor this (more…)

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image1The foundation issue is probably one of the hardest issues on planet beauty! Admit it! You have tried more than 10 different foundations and at least 5 shades of every one of them! And still you aren’t that happy! It depends on the day, your mood or the days of the month…if you know what I mean…Well, here is a guide to choosing what’s the best foundation for your skin undertone.  Speaking of which have you any idea what’s your skin undertone? You probably wonder, why the hell should i know that?

image2Well, skin undertones are divided into Warm and Cold! That’s where the tricky part comes! Which I will explain to you later on…First of all Undertone is NOT how light or dark you are! You can be light and warm or dark and cool! (more…)

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