mc_22096Happy, proud and many more feelings… I can’t stop thinking of that day. The moment I heard my name as the Winner of the Marie Claire Blog Awards I realized that anything is possible, you just need that Magical Drive that says yes I ‘ll do my best because I really want to reach the Top. Trying hard is important but being yourself is probably the biggest challenge as far as Blogging is concerned. Preserving your uniqueness is tough, since there so much information and images around us. I like observing but I never take images in. That’s my secret and advice. I go with my instinct and do what I love and enjoy. You can’t progress if there is no joy in what you are blogging about. (more…)

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Victoria’s Secret once again managed to pull through one the must popular and must see Fashion Shows of 2015. Lovely wings from Angels to butterflies. Great shoes and most of all Fantastic lingerie took place yestreday! Everybody anticipated the new introduction Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the catwalk! Check it out and enjoy!!

gettyimages-496562478_mastergettyimages-496562708_mastergettyimages-496562564_master (more…)

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Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s true Balmain just arrived at H&M, and H&M hosted a F A N T A S T I C event to introduce the Balmain x H&M collection! Olivier Rousteing just amazed us with his creativity and style! The collection is really unique and purely Balmain! Everybody just rushed to grab every single piece,. Even celebrities just waited to put their hands on a sinle piece! Madness took over us but that’s fashion, it takes lot’s of passion and love. Check it out:

DSCF3058 IMG_3764 IMG_3804 (more…)

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image1(2)Attending one of my favorite Store Events this season and having the chance to meet the beautiful and stylish Kristina Bazan was a great experience. One the most famous brands in the world has penetrated the Greek Market for good. Lovely Collections like H&M Conscious and my fav Divided landed in a 3.900 square meter store in the heart of Athens. Making it the biggest H&M store in SouthEastern Europe. History and style met in Ermou 11 Str.kristina_3 DSCF2906 (more…)

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img_1011Ok maybe this isn’t a typical fashion blog post…But it’s an event! A huge event! And it’s in fashion! I know what you are thinking about! Tell us, was it sham?I’ve read all three books of the 50 Shades. It all began on my birthday, two years ago, my friend Evita brought this bestselling book as a present! She hadn’t read it either. Until then, I couldn’t imagine how reading and sex can go together. Or that I will actually manage reading something like that! I finished it in just 2 days!!!! It was easy to read and extremely intriguing! The next day I rushed to the stores and bought the second one! Thank God it was out!

As soon as the movie was announced, I was so excited! I was hoping (more…)

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