IMG_2128bEvery morning i wake up with the same feeling. Oh! i wish i could sleep more, specially today where snow is all over the place! When you are working this is a luxury you miss. On the other hand it gives you the drive to get up groom yourself and try to look happy and prettier than ever! Pretty in the morning? OK, you need to try hard for that, specially if you ‘ve slept late last night, but there is a chance as long as you follow some basic steps. And, No, make up, isn’t the basis for looking pretty and fresh! Make up just helps you emphasize your beauty! So get up wash your face and follow the following simple but vital steps…

IMG_2125bBrush your teeth! is it soooooo important? Everybody does that! So what if i don’t do that once in a while? Bad news for you then…White teeth is number ONE rule for looking healthy, and healthy is pretty! Pick a good toothpaste like Marvis…I love Marvis I’m probably in love with this toothpaste! Once you go Marvis you can’t go back! It’s addictive you just want to brush your teeth EVERYWHERE!!!!! I got Cinnamon flavor this time and it tastes like heaven! Liquorish is also fantastic but today i went sweet and spicy! This is the elite of toothpastes but it’s worth every penny! It lasts also real long, but most of all i get that feeling of living in the late 70’s in a suburb in Rome. And let me introduce you to my Humble Brush! It’s cute as hell! Comes also in other colors like fuchsia, black or aqua blue!

IMG_2126bAfter having your face and teeth thoroughly washed, comes the eye cream! Most us skip wearing eye cream! I personally wear eye and face cream from a very young age! My mother never let me wake up without all these steps! But she was right! Never neglet yourself or take it for granted! Specially the eye area is so sensitive. I prefer Origins for around my eyes. This cream is light but moisturising! I really need moist! Once your eyes look bright your hole face brightens up!

IMG_2124bLiving in a sunny city equals wearing sunscreen every day! Yes, you should! Now a days it’s easy. Most day creams have a bit of a sun protector! This particular one i use beacuse it doesn’t make my skin oily! It’s fresh and smells like cucumber! Gives me moist but no oilyness! Thank God for that! I also love the Estee Lauder Hydrationist! It’s great but i leave that one for my night routine since it doesn’t have any Spf. But now i ‘ve discovered the ultimate night product which i will talk to you on my next post!

IMG_2127bAnd after all these you need to give your hands some moist! Men always look at women’s hands! And dry ones aren’t their favorite! Most of us can tell someone’s age by their hands! So why to look older? The Figs and Rouge hand cream gave me that buttery feeling at the beggining but when i applied it seconds later a rush of moist was on my hands! It’s so amazing and fun at the same time! I got Vanilla Pistachio smells fantastic! And i love that moist which at the end leaves my hands soft with no grease! Which is very important to me. Because, yes, i ‘m going to use my hands dear cream makers! I don’t need any grease! I need moist! Ps. Don’t you just fall in love with Figs and Rouge packaging? Ps2. Always try to buy Paraben free products and as natural as it gets… It’s hard but trying is worth it!

After having done all these i just get dressed, have a cup of hot cappuccino and off i go! Make up? I ‘ll think about it…probably i don’t need it today!

xxx Lavinia

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