KYN_2411bHere it is! The big summer issue…what bikini should or could i wear…Well although holidays have started i suggest you go for a last minute shopping during the sales…Why wear the high waisted? Just give it a try! Yes why not! Who’s gonna see you in the fitting room? Only you….I thought at first that God no i will look awful in a High waisted bikini! Well it turns out that it isn’t that bad at all! I have a bit of a tummy maybe in summer it goes away due to swimming alot..but either way it really keeps me firm! The only tricky part is if you have a short torso, well that is a bit of a problem but if your legs are quite high for your body it will be just fine!

KYN_2348bIf you are pear shaped it’s probably not the best bikini for you, but still to hell with it! Go head try it on…you may feel as comfortable as i did. In any case owning one is like having a free top swimsuit! That;s how i felt! It’s also nice as a body under loose pants on the beach so still give it a try it’s worth having one…

KYN_2373bKYN_2175bKYN_2359bIf you have a bit of a tummy go for a plain color or even better for a pin up vertical stripe one! It will save your life! The only con is that i felt like cold in that area after having swam, and that i wouldn’t get tanned i usually wear it after hours so i can get advantage of the sun and then i just change to my fashionista look.

KYN_2428b KYN_2418cKYN_2422bAnd because Greeks do it better, total of my outfit is made in Greece! Love Greek brands and want to have at least one piece from every Greek brand! Nice goal huh?

Bikini Top: Sugarfree / Bikini Bottom: Pink Woman / Bomber Jacket: Sugarfree

Photos: Kynthia Kindeli

xxx Lavinia

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