Fashion evovles and many rules we used to follow are now considered outdated. As everything changes around us, thus fashion creates new Do’s and Dont’s. Fashion has set new goals. The goal of being put together and in order, it’s been off the menu for quite a long time. Fashion copies life, and life is now a days more free and less boring. There are very few Dont’s in Fashion left! We only say No to bad taste and to anything provacatively ugly! Read the following article so you can change the way you dress. Stop being afraid of mistakes you think you make or you think they are mistakes. Change the way you perceive fashion and make new combinations!

N1. Wearing Dresses with Sneakers

KYN_7219cKYN_7239cThis kind of contrast in fashion is probably one of my favorites. A kind of trend that Chanel launched and was spread all over the fashion world. It really became the Must Do and it’s here to stay for quite a long time. If you are still reluctant just think of how comfy and stylish you’ll feel.

N2. Blue with Black

KYN_7117d KYN_7105bYou sure have heard that blue and black don’t match! This is a common fashion myth that many heard of but very few believed in. Thank God for that! Not only they are great together but it’s one of the chicest combinations you can make for both sporty chic and evening outfits.

N3. Your bag must match your shoes

KYN_6825b KYN_9864bIf you ask me, this cliche must be deleted from everyones mind and from history of fashion itself! Your bag must match your total outfit and give it a twist! Co-relating your shoes with your bag is the most boring thing you can do. That is why you should stop buying black and brown bags all the time! Enough! Buy coloured accessories and take your wardrope to the next level without spending excess money.

N4. Outerwear must be worn over other clothes

KYN_6948bForget about blouses! Grab a statement belt your favorite Kimono/jacket and just belt up! Why search for a blouse? This way is simpler and far more stylish!

N5. Denim on Denim

KYN_5016bMaybe because you feel taken to another decade. Maybe beacuse you were told they just don’t match! You hesitate breaking this rule! Now a days there are so many different denim styles which you can mix and match and making a really great Total Denim look!

xxx Lavinia

Photos: Kynthia Kindeli

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