KYN_3584b Well there are times when you really feel you don’t need colors in your life. I personally love colors but black n’ white is probably a color combo that stands as a color itself. It’s a classic combo and always chic. Try to show some skin with these kind of outfits simply because evrything is so chic that you can easily wear a nice pair of shorts and it wouldn’t look cheap!

KYN_3598bKYN_3658bKYN_3756bMy favorite addiction this year are funky sandals with pom poms like the classic Greek “tsarouchi”. They are playful and elegant. Compliment your outfit and make you stand out! Always select a nice classic bag and off you go!! Never forget to add a little bit of trend to you outfit by wearing a chunky chocker!!!


Good luck!!!

Blazer & Sunnies : ZARA, Shorts: ASOS, Bag: Alviero Martini, Sandals: Marietta’s Fantasy

Photos: Kynthia Kindeli

xxx Lavinia

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