kyn_2637web1Autumn has officially started and a new fashion season has began. Mettalics, velvet, military, flowers, embroidered patterns, frills and many more are the hottest style trends, which one will survive? Well, let me make a guess… Bold Silver and Frills have been flirting my wardrobe since last year, but this is a break through! Metallics are in, all day long! They can take you from a casual Monday at the office to a funky night for drinks with the girls. You just need a single metallic piece and voila! Style achieved! But really, it takes two to tango in my case three, pair your outfit with extravagant frills, the bigger the better, and dainty jewelry! I selected the lovely PANDORA jewelry to take my outfits to the next level, since I have been chosen to be a part of the #theLookofYou experiment of finding the best outfits for the season.kyn_2464web1kyn_2554web1 kyn_2412web1c It’s probably the first time I bond to jewelry! Elegance, style, fashion and feelings all mirrored in my lovely charms and special Rings! The Floating Locket captures all my memories, is like having the ones you love with you all the time. In the next days I’ll be showing you more outfits for the season. Simple, easy and stylish. Never forget to jewel-up! Jewelry will simply elevate your style and make a great gift to be!


Jewelry: PANDORA

Photos: Kynthia Kindeli

xxx Lavinia

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