img_1011Ok maybe this isn’t a typical fashion blog post…But it’s an event! A huge event! And it’s in fashion! I know what you are thinking about! Tell us, was it sham?I’ve read all three books of the 50 Shades. It all began on my birthday, two years ago, my friend Evita brought this bestselling book as a present! She hadn’t read it either. Until then, I couldn’t imagine how reading and sex can go together. Or that I will actually manage reading something like that! I finished it in just 2 days!!!! It was easy to read and extremely intriguing! The next day I rushed to the stores and bought the second one! Thank God it was out!

As soon as the movie was announced, I was so excited! I was hoping that Ryan Gosling was going to star! Unfortunately he will only star in my heart and mind as Grey! Now let’s cut to the chase: How was the movie? How was Mr. Grey? I loved the story, as expected, although I wasn’t very intrigued by Mr. Grey. The story is really what you expect it to be. Little bit slow at the beginning but, as the story went on, it got interesting, even the actors seemed more confident. Dakota Johnson saved the whole film for me, she was really what El James described in the book. A simple everyday girl falling in love and letting herself free for the first time in the hands of Mr.Grey. Well, for me he was sweeter, softer and not that mad! In the book he was described as super rich, super confident, super cool, super control freak etc. He didn’t own the status that Mr.Grey should have. I kind of felt disappointed to tell you the truth. But the story is really so strong that I was enchanted by it, once again.

50-shades-of-grey-pics-Jamie-Dornan-Dakota-Johnsonfifty-shades-grey2DAKOTA2dakota-johnson-fifty-shades-greyfifty-shades-clip2fifty-shades-greyI missed the look! Here it is! I said it! He didn’t have the look! That LOOK! Mr. Grey’s look! I missed the sparkle in his eyes! I expected a kind of Robert Pattinson look in Twilight, that cold mad look, of I want you but…I can’t be with you.Surprisingly, the most well played and well directed parts of the movie where the sex scenes. They were sexy but not cheap. Some parts were rougher but I was prepared for that. At the end i had that feeling of…what it finished?

img_1909 I can’t wait to see the next one…Which i know it will be as exciting or even more!

xxx Lavinia

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