kyn_3062webThere are times when you really need to update your wardrope with key items which you can wear all day long. Searching through the net I found one of my favorite pieces for the season, well basically, for all seasons! It’s called the Pinafore. It’s a lovely sleeveless dress that looks like an apron but serves as a dress! You can wear it over shirts, other dresses, under suits, over denim. It’s so easy to add to any of your outfits! Adds style and has this girly side to it! I decided to show you how to wear it all day long. Two outfits with the same basis. (more…)

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KYN_3423bThere is nothing more comfortable, stylish and timeless than a pair of jeans. Jeans have invaded fashion for over a century but the last 40 years are a must have. Mom jeans, flare jeans, distressed jeans,  boyfriend jeans…Whatever you choose is just fine. What’s becoming boring about it is that we really don’t value jeans as a base for more outfits. Thus, i’ve recently started treating my fav jeans as leggings! Skirt them over! Yes!! No tights, no leggings….just jeans!!!!!Super stylish and very diverse. Don’t hesitate! Just join me! (more…)

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Fashion evovles and many rules we used to follow are now considered outdated. As everything changes around us, thus fashion creates new Do’s and Dont’s. Fashion has set new goals. The goal of being put together and in order, it’s been off the menu for quite a long time. Fashion copies life, and life is now a days more free and less boring. There are very few Dont’s in Fashion left! We only say No to bad taste and to anything provacatively ugly! Read the following article so you can change the way you dress. Stop being afraid of mistakes you think you make or you think they are mistakes. Change the way you perceive fashion and make new combinations!

N1. Wearing Dresses with Sneakers

KYN_7219cKYN_7239cThis kind of contrast in fashion is probably one of my favorites. A kind of trend that Chanel launched and was spread all over the fashion world. It really became the Must Do and it’s here to stay for quite a long time. If you are still reluctant just think of how comfy and stylish you’ll feel. (more…)

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KYN_4796bDenim is probably the most loved garment of all times! You can wear it all day and everywhere. It’s the foundation of modern fashion! I really can’t imagine life without it! Who can? That’s why i desided to wear it from top to bottom today! Total looks are really lovely but Total Denim is little bit tricky you can easily look outdated or really boring!

KYN_4807bThe way to avoid all these, is first of all to mix different denim shades. Second, go definetely for a pair of Flare Jeans, it’s really the chichest pair of jeans you can ever own. You can never look bad in it! Just choose between low waist or high waist, pick the one that flatters your waistline most, check also the garment’s thicknes and how elastic it is, cause more elastine tighter it is and trust me it’s not that flattering! Another trick you can pull off is the (more…)

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IMG_2038aSequin has been all over the place this season. I can’t hide the fact that I feel happy and a bit nostalgic. From total sequin outfits to a tiny tiny sequin patch on a small wallet you have somewhere in a forgotten drawer, sequin is everywhere. This denim justifies why sequin is back! After all in these shabby days we all need to add some sparkle to our lives don’t you think? Wearing my leopard faux fur coat strolling around chasing graffiti art, thinking of how colorful life can be…

IMG_2048 (more…)

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