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KYN_3216bFashion is a part of our life, and life includes everything…From busy streets, to shopping Malls and lovely evenings with cocktails and friends. At least this is how I have been spending my time the past month…Shooting lovely outfits and experiencing the Marie Claire Blog Awards, enjoying my Nomination for “Style we Love”. Very flattering I must say! It’s really comforting knowing that your hard work and persistance has been noticed and valued. During this Journey i met lovely people and new experiences. One of them was the Belvedere experience. Cocktails and fine Vodka were introduced to us and gave us inspiration for Fashion. (more…)

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KYN_3584b Well there are times when you really feel you don’t need colors in your life. I personally love colors but black n’ white is probably a color combo that stands as a color itself. It’s a classic combo and always chic. Try to show some skin with these kind of outfits simply because evrything is so chic that you can easily wear a nice pair of shorts and it wouldn’t look cheap! (more…)

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KYN_3399bSpring means colors, flowers and vibrant patterns. But it also means Bomber jackets and diy shorts. Love the whole idea of DIY, cause it’s fun, diverse and unique. You can make whatever you like the way you like it! Isn’t that great? Well that is why i created these shorts…I love colors, motifs, pom poms etc. All in one!Just for me…Do you like them? (more…)

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KYN_3030bThis Spring things have become more relaxed in fashion. Pyjama look is the most dominant trend and i ‘m really excited about that. Other than that you can go for a more kimono style pyjama look. Relaxed, flowing and elegant. Always prefer patterns when going for this outfit. Simple fabrics look sloppy like you just walked out of bed.


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KYN_9489b Suit up!! Used to say my fav Barney Stinson aka Neil Patrick Harris (from How i met your mother). Well! He was right! There is nothing more superb than a great suit. Even if you are a female!!! My top fav choice for this season is this one and the pajama look. You can wear a suit everywhere! Just accessorize deferently and adapt your look to every occasion! If going on a night out just put on your striking heels! At the office go for oxfords! (more…)

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KYN_3423bThere is nothing more comfortable, stylish and timeless than a pair of jeans. Jeans have invaded fashion for over a century but the last 40 years are a must have. Mom jeans, flare jeans, distressed jeans,  boyfriend jeans…Whatever you choose is just fine. What’s becoming boring about it is that we really don’t value jeans as a base for more outfits. Thus, i’ve recently started treating my fav jeans as leggings! Skirt them over! Yes!! No tights, no leggings….just jeans!!!!!Super stylish and very diverse. Don’t hesitate! Just join me! (more…)

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KYN_6259bOne of my favorite winter shades this season are metallic colors, from silver to gold and brass. As a typical edgy-gal ( at least that’s how i feel ) i like giving my looks a hint of color. Metallics give that edgy effect that i like and my eyes went straight to this golden MCM Backpack… I couldn’t resist it’s color and chic. I absolutely L-O-V-E it for giving my look that absolute coolness. (more…)

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KYN_4123bEvery girl needs a little Grunge in her life! You can’t always look prepy…Grunge is a style i really love but we all know how to achieve. Sometimes you need to integrate a style into your everyday routine and that routine doesn’t always involve coffee breaks and fun strolls. Take a lovely midi dress, an all season dress, and give it a grunge! Leather jeackets, a grunge bandana can take your look to the next level. (more…)

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outfit25collKYN_0550bWith Christmas being round the corner, red is the colour i feel like wearing. That is why i went for this simple red jumper. It feels kinda Christmas-y but it can be worn all year round. Simple, vibrant and chic. So, today i’ll show you how to wear the same jumper from daytime to work till going for late night drinks. (more…)

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KYN_6610bBeing casual but in fashion can be a challenge sometimes! Specially if you love over the knee boots! They are the season’s must have! Usually we see them in black with super high heels! No doubt, they are beautiful, elegant and sexy. But they can get too sexy from time to time! Go for a mid square heel. They look better than the flat ones. I used to have many over the knee flat boots, but i decided that the mid heel is the chicest of all. Wearing them everyday can be tricky, but you need to dare!

KYN_6649b (more…)

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