KYN_6610bBeing casual but in fashion can be a challenge sometimes! Specially if you love over the knee boots! They are the season’s must have! Usually we see them in black with super high heels! No doubt, they are beautiful, elegant and sexy. But they can get too sexy from time to time! Go for a mid square heel. They look better than the flat ones. I used to have many over the knee flat boots, but i decided that the mid heel is the chicest of all. Wearing them everyday can be tricky, but you need to dare!

KYN_6649b (more…)

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Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s true Balmain just arrived at H&M, and H&M hosted a F A N T A S T I C event to introduce the Balmain x H&M collection! Olivier Rousteing just amazed us with his creativity and style! The collection is really unique and purely Balmain! Everybody just rushed to grab every single piece,. Even celebrities just waited to put their hands on a sinle piece! Madness took over us but that’s fashion, it takes lot’s of passion and love. Check it out:

DSCF3058 IMG_3764 IMG_3804 (more…)

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KYN_7585bStyle is something very personal, every girl has a unique style. We all really need that concept since fashion is becoming more and more massive. Mixing styles can be a great hit or a massive disaster! First of all, go for things you usualy wear. Like a simple Dungaree or a pair of distressed denim! That’s your base, add to it things you usually don’t wear, for a start. Top your look with a statement item. Don’t go for a necklace please! Go for an extravagant jacket or a pair of glitter boots!



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Fashion evovles and many rules we used to follow are now considered outdated. As everything changes around us, thus fashion creates new Do’s and Dont’s. Fashion has set new goals. The goal of being put together and in order, it’s been off the menu for quite a long time. Fashion copies life, and life is now a days more free and less boring. There are very few Dont’s in Fashion left! We only say No to bad taste and to anything provacatively ugly! Read the following article so you can change the way you dress. Stop being afraid of mistakes you think you make or you think they are mistakes. Change the way you perceive fashion and make new combinations!

N1. Wearing Dresses with Sneakers

KYN_7219cKYN_7239cThis kind of contrast in fashion is probably one of my favorites. A kind of trend that Chanel launched and was spread all over the fashion world. It really became the Must Do and it’s here to stay for quite a long time. If you are still reluctant just think of how comfy and stylish you’ll feel. (more…)

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KYN_5408dAll you need for the coming cold days…is a CHUNKY Pullover!! Invest in a signiture knitted item in your wardrope! It’s the best way to keep you chic and fashionable during winter. Having simple pullovers and boring jumpers can be comfortable, easy and simple, but common! Aren’t you bored? Life is too short to be (more…)

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KYN_9864bAnimal prints are my thing…although i sometimes feel as leopard is a winter thing but after having found these comfortable fab culottes i desided that yes i can and will wear animal print all year round, despite fashion trends i think that some prints are pure style…just add them to your closet in a fashionable form..instead of leopard pants go for leopard culottes!

KYN_9834bEvery now and then add a little bit of animal print to your look it’s always stylish and can never go wrong if you just follow the new fashion trends if you want to keep on the safe side or else go vintage and add other accessories that (more…)

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KYN_8908bSo here i am…still in the city i really don’t mind…yet…I desided to show you my urban summer style for this week although i am thinking of islands and crazy looking swimsuits and sandy beaches….

KYN_9045bThe stripy shirt is my favorite classic…you always need one no matter where or (more…)

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KYN_4796bDenim is probably the most loved garment of all times! You can wear it all day and everywhere. It’s the foundation of modern fashion! I really can’t imagine life without it! Who can? That’s why i desided to wear it from top to bottom today! Total looks are really lovely but Total Denim is little bit tricky you can easily look outdated or really boring!

KYN_4807bThe way to avoid all these, is first of all to mix different denim shades. Second, go definetely for a pair of Flare Jeans, it’s really the chichest pair of jeans you can ever own. You can never look bad in it! Just choose between low waist or high waist, pick the one that flatters your waistline most, check also the garment’s thicknes and how elastic it is, cause more elastine tighter it is and trust me it’s not that flattering! Another trick you can pull off is the (more…)

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KYN_4532b Relaxed…that’s how i feel today…I really enjoyed these holidays..strolls round Athens, evening coffee breaks, new tastes , many sweets, many eggs…Easter is probably the only time of the year where you can relax without sweating under the heat. You can really enjoy the sun but not it’s side effects…That’s why i got this fantastic trench coat, the 70’s are back and i am more than glad to wear them all year round!

KYN_4504cRevivals are my thing and i really missed brown shades, black took really over us the past few years and (more…)

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KYN_9738b Total white is one of my favorite looks for this season. But really can you go that white? Especially now that you aren’t tanned and your hair haven’t got that marvelous wet look(?) I ‘m a color girl…I love colors and i can’t live without them. Life needs colors and i need them for sure. White is totally chic and classy. I decided to add a hint of color to it. Well little more than a hint. But what the hell life is too short to be dull.

KYN_9706b My oversized blazer is my favorite accessory for Spring! You can wear it all through summer also, khaki and yellow are the hot trend and i ‘m more (more…)

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