KYN_5849bHAPPY! That’s what describes my mood today! I can only think of sunny days, flowers wearing multicolored sandals and lovely skirts. Skirts like this one! I love pleats! They are the ultimate classic, the epitome of elegancy. All of us can wear them in different lengths and different qualities. Blue pleats and faux leather is the ultimate combination for me. It’s really hard to find faux leather in a color other that black-brown-white, so I grabbed it immediately.

KYN_5910bKYN_5994c Wearing skirts is something that probably we girls avoid maybe beacause we feel uncofortable but really being a woman means to enjoy all clothes, we can wear from skirts to pants and shorts. Isn’t it amazing? Trust me…men will kill to (more…)

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KYN_4733bMarch is here but It’s still cold outside…At least that is how i feel these days…To wear spring or summer clothes can be a challenge.Today i decided to wear my Spring-Summer skirt! How? Well i just went for my Furry Huggy Sweater! I really love wearing Spring things in winter like a floral skirt. You need the right color and texture combination to achieve the look! My skirt is a typical spring skirt but my sweater is really warm and furry! It’s amazingly soft and comfy!

KYN_4531bGo for socks! Socks with platform heels are my favorite combination! You can wear them to work, for a stroll, for coffee, for fun….They practically take you everywhere! Always own a nice pair of white or grey ones…These here are men’s but i wear size 41 so they fit just fine.

KYN_4633b KYN_4519b KYN_4640b KYN_4738b KYN_4653b KYN_4717bFinish your look with a pair of swing earings! Just go out and feel Spring! Yes you can do it! And you wouldn’t feel cold!! Trust me!

Skirt: ASOS / Fur Sweater: ASOS / Shoes: ZARA old, similar Here / Socks: Calzedonia / Earings: ASOS / Clutch: ASOS

Photos by: Kynthia Kindeli

xxx Lavinia

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IMG_5193Wearing clothes equals fun! And fun equals wearing hats! Yes! Hats! Most of us hesitate! I never understood why wearing hats can be considered extreme…Extreme is jumping off a bridge for fun or wearing white boots with black heel, brown jumper and floral pants, together! Hats give you style, except for the fedora, which I love but I can’t take any more, sorry! They can easily turn your outfit from nay to yay!

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IMG_6698Every morning i wake up with the same thought…ok now, what shall i wear to work? This is a tough one! Keep it simple! That’s the first thing that comes in my mind. Keep it discreet! Well that’s my everyday anxiety. Keep it classy! Now that’s a challenge! And make it look chic without being overdone nor underdone! And most importantly, to be comfortable! Generally, this combination can be really hard when it comes to dressing for the office. Τhe thing is, that, the most brilliant outfits come to me on Monday morning, before i go to work but they never include office clothes….no wonder why!IMG_6621IMG_7018Some faux leather pants can give you that chic effect without trying hard. But be careful you can take this easily to the opposite direction! Never wear extremely high heels and low cut blouses with these pants. Keep it casual with a nice simple (more…)

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IMG_6380Winter, that’s the first thing that comes in mind when i see a reindeer sweater! Some may say Christmas, but for me this sweater is the ultimate symbol of winter style! I love wearing it anywhere i go! It’s even lovely for just sitting at home or beeing on a snowy mountain drinking hot chocolate warming up by the fire. I decided to give my sweater a stroll round Athens. Teaming up with my leather skirt and my black and white brogues i think we had fun.IMG_5749IMG_6575This season isn’t my favorite but (more…)

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IMG_1348Living in Athens means looking at a huge light blue canvas almost all year round. The clear blue sky… As soon as I spotted that light blue chunky pullover, I realised It was love at first sight!  I simply love knits but sometimes it gets really hot in here. But style comes first and love prevails over all, don’t you agree?IMG_1718 (more…)

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