KYN_7585bStyle is something very personal, every girl has a unique style. We all really need that concept since fashion is becoming more and more massive. Mixing styles can be a great hit or a massive disaster! First of all, go for things you usualy wear. Like a simple Dungaree or a pair of distressed denim! That’s your base, add to it things you usually don’t wear, for a start. Top your look with a statement item. Don’t go for a necklace please! Go for an extravagant jacket or a pair of glitter boots!


I usually go for sneakers but sometimes you need to put those heels on! Mixing a simple everyday sporty Dungaree ( go for the Mid Leg Flare piece ) with my new madness which are Victorian Blouses just made me feel beyond happy! Embroidered jackets are so hot right now! Add them to your wardrope and wear them with practically everything!KYN_7453b KYN_7515bKYN_7510bMini bags are the next hot fashion trend find the right one for you, in a colour you love, avoid black or brown. It needs to be bold and chic. Another accessory that I can’t resist are long earings! They are fantastic they just add style to every outfit.

KYN_7485bKYN_7544bKYN_7303b Always remember that confidence but not arrogance is half your style! And that can’t be bought!

xxx Lavinia

Photo:  Kynthia Kindeli

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