KYN_4123bEvery girl needs a little Grunge in her life! You can’t always look prepy…Grunge is a style i really love but we all know how to achieve. Sometimes you need to integrate a style into your everyday routine and that routine doesn’t always involve coffee breaks and fun strolls. Take a lovely midi dress, an all season dress, and give it a grunge! Leather jeackets, a grunge bandana can take your look to the next level.

KYN_4044bKYN_4283bKYN_4187bLooking sexy, mysterious but not romantic and girly is the goal. You can style this outfit also with a pair of lovely sneakers. I love snake boots this season and i just can’t get enough of them! Go for a lovely bucket bag that can take with you everywhere.

KYN_4161bKYN_4209b KYN_4208bThe bandana is the ultimate winter accessory for this season! I found this fantastic one with metal fringes! They just elevate your looks with simply no effort! Don’t forget today is Cyber Monday so give it a try!


Hat & Bandana: American Eagle Outfitters, Dress: Pink Woman, Boots: Mango, Baga: ZARA Sunnies: Dior

Photos by Kynthia Kindeli

xxx Lavinia

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