kyn_2906web1Style lies in details my mother used to say. And if I had to add to that, style lies in simplicity and details. Never neglect jewelry and accessories. It is really important to have jewelry you can adapt to all your outfits. Comfortable, easy to wear and most of all great quality. Cheap jewelry aren’t a permanent solution and only push you back from adding to your style. Spending money over and over on things you have to throw away after minimum use is just a money drain. Invest in dainty rings, they never go out of style and always draw attention to your hands. My choices from PANDORA just reminded me that elegance is a part our beauty. No matter who you are, taller or shorter, younger or older, you always need a beautiful piece of jewelry, this is real sense of femininity. Embracing fashion is maybe our top priority but achieving style is the main issue. Love embroideries this season, they are so popular right now, they suit all of us but let’s face it, don’t overdo it.

kyn_2916web1kyn_2862web1kyn_2985web1It is important to remember that embroideries are signature pieces but they can easily look repeated in your wardrobe. Thus, invest in simple embroideries and don’t go for big surfaces like an embroidery dress. Cause it’s difficult to wear over and over. Go mostly for Tops and Jackets. For this outfit I added to my basic PANDORA bracelets, lovely blue and pink charms. Love adapting them to each of my looks. Till my next #theLookofYou search for ideas and more looks by using the hashtag


Jewelry: PANDORA

Photos: Kynthia Kindeli

XXX Lavinia

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