kyn_8296webWhen, KENZO Takada, one of my fav designers was announced to be this year’s collab with H&M, I almost flew to the moon and back! Different fabrics, colors and eccentric artful approach to fashion is my cup of tea. Takada’s first designs started because he could only afford to buy his fabrics from flea sales. As a result, Takada had to mix many bold fabrics together to make one garment. The result made him one of the most important designers in the world. In my opinion his origin played also a huge role to his view of fashion, tiger fabrics and animal prints with bold colors so Asian. As a huge fan I couldn’t resist to this collection. Some may say that some pieces are too extreme to wear, but trust me they are all wearable and so special. Amazingly, all of them can be combined, first time I see this in a collection and second of all they can be worn all year round. So brilliant!


Total outfit: KENZO for H&M , Jewelry: Blingsense

Photos by Kynthia Kindeli

xxx Lavinia

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