kyn_3062webThere are times when you really need to update your wardrope with key items which you can wear all day long. Searching through the net I found one of my favorite pieces for the season, well basically, for all seasons! It’s called the Pinafore. It’s a lovely sleeveless dress that looks like an apron but serves as a dress! You can wear it over shirts, other dresses, under suits, over denim. It’s so easy to add to any of your outfits! Adds style and has this girly side to it! I decided to show you how to wear it all day long. Two outfits with the same basis.

kyn_2909webkyn_2920webkyn_2970webHow many times you begin your day and end up for drinks? It happens often and most of the time I refuse due to the fact that I am not apropriately dressed! The solution is simple! Pinafores are elegant and smooth. They add something new to your looks without being extravagant. I wore my classic off shoulder body with my relaxed pinstriped pants for day time and over I added my cute Pinafore. For day time accessorizing i chose my polka neck tie instead of a classic chalker! For the evening I kept my dreamy Pinafore and just changed to tight jeans, super heels and a lovely hand painted Denim Jacket. Love being ready to go!!! Do you agree?


Pinafore Dress: KIRAKALO / Body & Pussy Bow: KIRAKALO / Handmade Jacket: TATMAN HANDMADE / Heels: SANTE / Sneackers: ADIDAS / Bag: GUCCI

Photos: Kynthia Kindeli

xxx Lavinia


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