image1The foundation issue is probably one of the hardest issues on planet beauty! Admit it! You have tried more than 10 different foundations and at least 5 shades of every one of them! And still you aren’t that happy! It depends on the day, your mood or the days of the month…if you know what I mean…Well, here is a guide to choosing what’s the best foundation for your skin undertone.  Speaking of which have you any idea what’s your skin undertone? You probably wonder, why the hell should i know that?

image2Well, skin undertones are divided into Warm and Cold! That’s where the tricky part comes! Which I will explain to you later on…First of all Undertone is NOT how light or dark you are! You can be light and warm or dark and cool!


Warm Undertone: this means that you have more yellow, olive or gold in your skin, for example, Penelope Cruz and Jessica Alba.penelope-cruzJessica-alba_1297017636Important, don’t get confused! Warm undertone doesn’t mean that you necessarily have dark skin! Your skin Tone can still be light. Jennifer Aniston is a good example of having blonde hair but still her skin undertone is Golden ( more Mediterranean let’s say).jennifer-aniston-46532_w1000

Cool Undertone:  as I already said, you shouldn’t get confused with your skin color! You might be light but that doesn’t mean you have a Cool Undertone. Cool undertone means pink in your skin. For example Anne Hathaway although her characteristics are brown, she has a Cool Undertone. 85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsOf course celebs like: Scarlett Johansson and Amanda Seyfried are typical Cool Undertone.amanda-seyfried-30713Scarlett-Johansson-7

Some Ways of checking your undertone are:

  1. Check your Veins. Pull up your sleeves and check if your veins are more green, then you have Warm Undertone. If blue or purple you are Cool.
  2. For me the best test is to wear a low cut, light pink Tee like the Penelope Cruz’s shade of dress and take a picture! If your skin color blends with the Tee, then you know you are Cool undertone, if you see a yellow/golden contrast then you are Warm!
  3. Hazel eyes or brown eyes with natural brown, black, red hair? Then you are most likely of Warm Undertone. Blonde, Brown or black Hair with blue, grey or green eyes then you are mostly Cool.
  4. The after Sun Test! Ok, this is easy! After sun bathing do you get that golden brownish sun tan? Then you have definitely Warm Undertone.  But if you get sun burned like a red lobster then don’t think about it you are probably Cool.

Check for more than one same answers in order to determine where you belong.

Now, when it comes to shopping, as far as Mac is concerned there are two different lines: the NW and the NC.

Take it as: Not Warm and Not Cool. So, when your skin undertone is warm you go for: NC.When your skin undertone is cool you go NW.The darkness or Lightness of your skin will determine the number you are getting, eg. NC15 is lighter than NC30, not the line you are getting!

Most make up brands don’t have lines designed according to undertone. This leads you to the wrong shade whithout knowing why!

image4If it helps, I am NW 18, in summer I’ll probably go for NW 25 or 30 if my vacations last long…hahaha! Good Luck!

xxx Lavinia

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