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A new year has began and fashion is ringing my creativity. New styles, new ideas, new combinations. I must say that 2017 is a kind of Retro mover, 90’s rule the fashion industry and I couldn’t resist either. Puffer and Aviator Jackets are the season’s hottest trends. The good part is that you can add them to your wardrobe easily, but be really careful as far as the length is concerned. Don’t go for long puffer jackets cause you can go from stylish to funny looking. Long Jacket with volume are for the super tall and thin gilrs. Unfortunately this is the ugly truth but other than that the short ones are just perfect for all of us! Super cozy and easy to wear in our everyday life. (more…)

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kyn_2366webNovember, my favourite month of the year, not just beacause i was born in this month, but mostly cause all fashion trends settle now. It’s getting chilly and my dark side blinks at winter colors such as black, brown and grey. Vintage jackets and round sunnies are my Retro addiction of the season. Embrace, Vintage-like, elements in your outfits and make combos that you don’t expect them working out. Dare integrating cool accessories to your outfits, let’s face it Round Sunnies are so cool! They instantly add Style to any look even the most boring one! Investing into Quality Sunglasses like my Urban Owl Round Sunnies, and most importantly made in Greece, is a statement by itself! (more…)

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KYN_6389bSummer means freedom, fashion is based on freedom, creation is the outcome of freedom. Fashion is a form of art based on everyday life. Wearing clothes that make you feel free is a blessing. Feeling comfortable and ready for any occassion is probably the best way to show personality. Statement outfits are on the top of my list this season. A signature caftan dress like this, was the ultimate ethnic piece for my wardrope! Distinctive, bold and classy! I was also intrigued by the brand, “T I K T O“, which  in ancient Greek means giving birth. So rejuvenating! Just perfect for my Summer Strolls! (more…)

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KYN_5773bI always wanted to achieve the nautical striped look for Summer! Well i don’t own a fancy boat but the navy look always enchanted me! It’s super chic, stylish and aristocratic. The only problem is, that most of the time, it gives you that older looking effect….In order to master the look in a girly way you must find the right pieces to turn it into a more pin-up look! (more…)

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KYN_6259bOne of my favorite winter shades this season are metallic colors, from silver to gold and brass. As a typical edgy-gal ( at least that’s how i feel ) i like giving my looks a hint of color. Metallics give that edgy effect that i like and my eyes went straight to this golden MCM Backpack… I couldn’t resist it’s color and chic. I absolutely L-O-V-E it for giving my look that absolute coolness. (more…)

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KYN_4123bEvery girl needs a little Grunge in her life! You can’t always look prepy…Grunge is a style i really love but we all know how to achieve. Sometimes you need to integrate a style into your everyday routine and that routine doesn’t always involve coffee breaks and fun strolls. Take a lovely midi dress, an all season dress, and give it a grunge! Leather jeackets, a grunge bandana can take your look to the next level. (more…)

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Victoria’s Secret once again managed to pull through one the must popular and must see Fashion Shows of 2015. Lovely wings from Angels to butterflies. Great shoes and most of all Fantastic lingerie took place yestreday! Everybody anticipated the new introduction Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the catwalk! Check it out and enjoy!!

gettyimages-496562478_mastergettyimages-496562708_mastergettyimages-496562564_master (more…)

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Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s true Balmain just arrived at H&M, and H&M hosted a F A N T A S T I C event to introduce the Balmain x H&M collection! Olivier Rousteing just amazed us with his creativity and style! The collection is really unique and purely Balmain! Everybody just rushed to grab every single piece,. Even celebrities just waited to put their hands on a sinle piece! Madness took over us but that’s fashion, it takes lot’s of passion and love. Check it out:

DSCF3058 IMG_3764 IMG_3804 (more…)

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KYN_7585bStyle is something very personal, every girl has a unique style. We all really need that concept since fashion is becoming more and more massive. Mixing styles can be a great hit or a massive disaster! First of all, go for things you usualy wear. Like a simple Dungaree or a pair of distressed denim! That’s your base, add to it things you usually don’t wear, for a start. Top your look with a statement item. Don’t go for a necklace please! Go for an extravagant jacket or a pair of glitter boots!



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