kyn_3062webThere are times when you really need to update your wardrope with key items which you can wear all day long. Searching through the net I found one of my favorite pieces for the season, well basically, for all seasons! It’s called the Pinafore. It’s a lovely sleeveless dress that looks like an apron but serves as a dress! You can wear it over shirts, other dresses, under suits, over denim. It’s so easy to add to any of your outfits! Adds style and has this girly side to it! I decided to show you how to wear it all day long. Two outfits with the same basis. (more…)

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STYLE WE LOVE #marieclaire

KYN_0452b It’s been over a year since i began Drums of Fashion. Finally I’m happy to announce my nomination for the Marie Claire Blog Awards ’16 for a great category “Style we Love”. From round one until my nomination i always believed in myself and hoped that i will reach the finals! Winning is my next goal… On the 6th of June Marie Claire hosted a lovely lunch at the legendary Zonar’s in the centre of Athens. Everybody was there, all kinds of bloggers, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel. The amazing Marie Claire team and judges, including editor in Chief Galateia Laskaraki,  that carefully selected us. Our Sponsors: The Golden Hall, Belvedere Vodka, Accessorize, Celestino, Vogue Eyewear, L’oreal Paris and IKEA.  Exchanging ideas and discussing blogging, social media and fashion with interesting people that share the same passion was the highlight of the event.<< Head over my Instagram @drumsoffashionblog , repost my outfit in collaboration with Golden Hall stores, #goldenhallfashiongames, and win a Golden Hall gift card 200€ !! How? Just click here>>

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Fashion evovles and many rules we used to follow are now considered outdated. As everything changes around us, thus fashion creates new Do’s and Dont’s. Fashion has set new goals. The goal of being put together and in order, it’s been off the menu for quite a long time. Fashion copies life, and life is now a days more free and less boring. There are very few Dont’s in Fashion left! We only say No to bad taste and to anything provacatively ugly! Read the following article so you can change the way you dress. Stop being afraid of mistakes you think you make or you think they are mistakes. Change the way you perceive fashion and make new combinations!

N1. Wearing Dresses with Sneakers

KYN_7219cKYN_7239cThis kind of contrast in fashion is probably one of my favorites. A kind of trend that Chanel launched and was spread all over the fashion world. It really became the Must Do and it’s here to stay for quite a long time. If you are still reluctant just think of how comfy and stylish you’ll feel. (more…)

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ChanelSling1Are you a Shoe Lover? Silly question! Who isn’t? Well here are the most loved through time pumps. Iconic, chic, timeless, ladylike, girly and many more adjectives come in mind when i gaze at the Two Tone Slingback Heels by Chanel! Well, now we get the chance to see the Making process. Quite interesting, if you come to think of how delicate and expensive they are. The answer comes right below: (more…)

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IMG_4711OMG!These shorts! I wanna wear them everyday! That’s what i thought when i first bought ’em! I can imagine more than twenty looks in these. I always get excited with clothes, but sometimes at the end of the day i change my mind. But this is a clear case of I want it – I ‘ll have it – I love it! Today I decided on my Christian Louboutin heels, they aren’t really comfortable, but they are a piece of shoe Art.

Art this is what Fashion is all about! I try to shop based on inspiration and timeless pieces. But some of them are really art pieces which probably you ‘ll never wear of feel uncomfortable in. But this red sole drives me crazy! Mickey is again around and (more…)

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IMG_5193Wearing clothes equals fun! And fun equals wearing hats! Yes! Hats! Most of us hesitate! I never understood why wearing hats can be considered extreme…Extreme is jumping off a bridge for fun or wearing white boots with black heel, brown jumper and floral pants, together! Hats give you style, except for the fedora, which I love but I can’t take any more, sorry! They can easily turn your outfit from nay to yay!

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BeFunky_IMG_3930.jpg Timeless. That’s the first word that comes in my mind when i see check, stripes and a chanel bag. Some patterns never stop adding to your style! They always find the way of coming back. Jackets like this can be worn for layering or mixed with other patterns. Personally, stripes are the best way of looking chic effortlessly. BeFunky_IMG_3754.jpg (more…)

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