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kyn_3062webThere are times when you really need to update your wardrope with key items which you can wear all day long. Searching through the net I found one of my favorite pieces for the season, well basically, for all seasons! It’s called the Pinafore. It’s a lovely sleeveless dress that looks like an apron but serves as a dress! You can wear it over shirts, other dresses, under suits, over denim. It’s so easy to add to any of your outfits! Adds style and has this girly side to it! I decided to show you how to wear it all day long. Two outfits with the same basis. (more…)

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kyn_2906web1Style lies in details my mother used to say. And if I had to add to that, style lies in simplicity and details. Never neglect jewelry and accessories. It is really important to have jewelry you can adapt to all your outfits. Comfortable, easy to wear and most of all great quality. Cheap jewelry aren’t a permanent solution and only push you back from adding to your style. Spending money over and over on things you have to throw away after minimum use is just a money drain. Invest in dainty rings, they never go out of style and always draw attention to your hands. My choices from PANDORA just reminded me that elegance is a part our beauty. No matter who you are, taller or shorter, younger or older, you always need a beautiful piece of jewelry, this is real sense of femininity. Embracing fashion is maybe our top priority but achieving style is the main issue. Love embroideries this season, they are so popular right now, they suit all of us but let’s face it, don’t overdo it. (more…)

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KYN_6389bSummer means freedom, fashion is based on freedom, creation is the outcome of freedom. Fashion is a form of art based on everyday life. Wearing clothes that make you feel free is a blessing. Feeling comfortable and ready for any occassion is probably the best way to show personality. Statement outfits are on the top of my list this season. A signature caftan dress like this, was the ultimate ethnic piece for my wardrope! Distinctive, bold and classy! I was also intrigued by the brand, “T I K T O“, which  in ancient Greek means giving birth. So rejuvenating! Just perfect for my Summer Strolls! (more…)

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KYN_6448bSo this is it! Christmas is so close! And it’s time to think of “dress up” looks! What to wear, what to buy, where to go! My mind is full of questions! For this Christmas i suggest brick color instead of classic red! I see girls everywhere wearing red dresses, red jumpers, red jumpsuits! No doubdt it’s lovely! But let’s give this Christmas a twist! Brick is the hottest color this year, looks chic and festive plus it suits everyone! (more…)

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And yes! It’s true HAUTE DOGS by MAC! I don’t know why but i found this NEW Line Fantastic! Full of earthy natural colors and glossy effects…Nude is back for about a year now but MAC took nude shades to another level with HAUTE DOGS. What’s nice about this Line is that you can create both Day time and Evening Looks by looking natural and stunning at the same time. The Line is inspired by the Canise Dog and that is why we find Fur Tones and rich golds. The Line consists of Fab Bronzers, lovely mineralize lipsticks, Veluxe Brow Liners, Lip Pencils and my all time favorite Fluidlines! Just check them out: (more…)

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image1The foundation issue is probably one of the hardest issues on planet beauty! Admit it! You have tried more than 10 different foundations and at least 5 shades of every one of them! And still you aren’t that happy! It depends on the day, your mood or the days of the month…if you know what I mean…Well, here is a guide to choosing what’s the best foundation for your skin undertone.  Speaking of which have you any idea what’s your skin undertone? You probably wonder, why the hell should i know that?

image2Well, skin undertones are divided into Warm and Cold! That’s where the tricky part comes! Which I will explain to you later on…First of all Undertone is NOT how light or dark you are! You can be light and warm or dark and cool! (more…)

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